Screenshot of A Smart Academic Calendar for SMAC


A Smart Academic Calendar


This project was born of a software engineering lab, in which the focus was supposed to be the process of doing software engineering according to industry models, methods, et cetera. Of course, when our "client"-professor specified a web-based product, I jumped at the chance to show off and started dreaming big: a screen-scraper for our student administration page, a schedule that automatically reflects the user's academic history and supplies a list of still-to-be fulfilled requirements, saving schedules for later retrieval... Needless to say, we had to scale back. Thankfully, we were smart (modular) about our system design, so when the screen-scraper proved to be infeasible, we dropped it and hand-coded some academic degree templates in the same JSON format the we'd intended for the scraper's output. Still, I think the final product is pretty cool. (Note: This project does not play well with IE.)

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