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Book Swap and Professor Reviews


As a college student, I get robbed by the academic publishing industry three times a year (six, if you include the so-called "buy back"). So when the popular website on campus for book swapping and professor reviews (amongst other annoying and extraneous things) went down, I stepped in and setup a web site that handled those two bare essentials. My best friend and I had, during our last year in high school, built a website that was geared to be craigslist for college, and while it didn't take off at SCU (the market was dominated by said popular website), I was able to take experience from that project and implement in less than a week. (And our high school concoction took over three months! We were learning PHP and MySQL at the same time, so it's not quite a fair comparison...) Unfortunately, I burned myself out on it and have found little time for it since.

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