Screenshot of craigslist for College for In Partnership with Wesley Mahler

In Partnership with Wesley Mahler

craigslist for College


During my senior of high school, my best friend and I built what we envisioned would be the college student's craigslist. The primary difference between (the esoteric—or eccentric—name of our S-Type corporation) and its conceptual inspiration was that ours would provide a marketplace specifically for used textbook exchange. Students (or, more likely, their parents) would jump at a chance to save money textbooks. And why not throw in general classifieds, rentals, services, jobs, and, heck, even personals? The site didn't take off at my alma mater in-the-making, but it saw some traffic at Oregon State University, and the experience of building it was valuable. Later, I launched a revision of the site,, for Santa Clara University when the competition's servers mysteriously melted, leaving the market wide open...

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