A Post-Penal PB&J

26 Feb 2009

Twenty-six days after touching down in Sydney, I had made and eaten no less than nineteen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my kitchenless studio. Chicken, avocado, and Swiss on a toasted roll was a nice change of pace, as was the clean cutlery. “This is way better than peanut butter and jelly,” I said through a mouthful, spilling crumbs and sesame seeds onto my... »

Re: The Costs of Containing Iran

29 Dec 2007

In the January/February piece The Costs of Containing Iran, Vali Nasr and Ray Takeyh make the case that the Bush administration’s strategy in the Persian Gulf is ill-founded, based on a faulty understanding of present circumstances and recent history. To this end, they are largely convincing, however one aspect of their critique is flawed. Takeyh and Nasr argue that Washington’s strategy... »

Gmail: Send As old@notMineAnyMore.com

26 Feb 2009

One of Google's many wonderful services, Gmail allows users to send e-mail from addresses other than their primary Gmail account address. This is especially handy for people who have multiple e-mail accounts with various organizations and want to manage all of them from one place. All it takes is a forwarder (from the external account to Gmail), and a confirmation e-mail (from Gmail to the... »

I Don't Like Lee Siegel

03 Jan 2009

Two days before 2009, I read a review of the movie Revolutionary Road by Lee Siegel at the WSJ Online. Titled Why Does Hollywood Hate the Suburbs?, the article was not so much a review as it was yet another example of Siegel's partisan asshatery. I wrote the following response (no, it's not really a review) before learning that only with a $103/year subscription can one post comments. I was a bit... »

Toolbar Quickie

21 Apr 2009

If you happen to be a web developer (or someone who finds themselves explaining the concept of CSS to friends or coworkers), you might try javascript:for(i=0;i<document.styleSheets.length;i++){if(document.styleSheets[i].disabled=true){}}; as a bookmarklet. It's the quickest way I can think of to communicate the principle.... »

I Was a PC

06 May 2009

OS X beats the pants off Windows for more than a handful of reasons. Here's one of my favorites: When I was a Windozer, crashes were a fact of life, hard and frequent (biweekly when the planets aligned--more otherwise). Worse still, I was in a routine of formatting and starting fresh every 4-5 months to ward off the worst of the crashes and the later stages of Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria... »

File Sharing is Not Piracy

01 Jun 2009

I recently read an article describing the arguments on both sides of an RIAA lawsuit against Joel Tenenbaum. From the article: "...Why does [the RIAA] still insist on DRM protection for many digital music stores when it knows that’s exactly what drives music fans to illegal file-sharing sites [emphasis added]?"per se is illegal. If that were true, the act of reading this blog would make... »