06 May 2009

I Was a PC

OS X beats the pants off Windows for more than a handful of reasons. Here's one of my favorites:

When I was a Windozer, crashes were a fact of life, hard and frequent (biweekly when the planets aligned--more otherwise). Worse still, I was in a routine of formatting and starting fresh every 4-5 months to ward off the worst of the crashes and the later stages of Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome.

In comparison, the only reason I even know what OS X's install process looks like is that I once delved a little too deep into the darkness of the BSD core and broke my system. In other words, barring my own blunders, OS X runs agelessly, never clogging or choking simply because its cluttered. It doesn't get cluttered. In fact, it rarely chokes at all; in four years of running OS X, I can count its crashes on two hands.

I would need eighty-three hands to count the same for Windows.